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Ngc 6914 lbn 274 lbn 080100266 lbn 080260254 lbn 280. Im starting to limit some of my data collection to RGB without the luminance channel and find it works pretty well when dealing with colorful nebulae.

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Ngc 6914. To the left and slightly lower is the reflection nebula vdB 131. Merged catalogue of reflection nebulae Several catalogues of reflection nebulae are merged to create a uniformcatalogue of 913 objects. Orion Atlas EQ-G Computerized GoTo Telescope Mount Camera.

Modoc Forest CA Telescope. Ultraviolet radiation from the massive hot young stars of the extensive Cygnus OB2 association ionize the regions atomic hydrogen gas producing the characteristic red glow as protons and electrons recombine. View full resolution image.

The reflection clouds are catalogued separately as NGC 6914A vdB131 and NGC 6914B vdB 32 south and north respectively. The two blue reflection nebulae to the right are cataloged as the vdB 132. POSS-II F North AAO-SESSERC-ER South Red image View in IRSA Finderchart Image Credit.

The NGC 6914 Nebulae The nebular complex know as NGC 6914 in the Cygnus constellation is a clear case of combination of the three types of nebulae described above. Most prominent of these near the centre of the image is NGC 6914 vdB 131. NGC 6914 is a reflection nebula located at approximately 6000 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus and was discovered by douard Stephan on August 29 1881.

NGC 6914 is a Reflection Nebula in the Cygnus constellationNGC 6914 is situated north of the celestial equator and as such it is more easily visible from the northern hemisphere. NGC 6914 VDB 131 VDB 132 Nebula This image contain many different bright and dark nebula but usually this area that is comprised of the three blue reflection nebula recognized as NGC6914. Proyi de taxımestareya Quğu miyan de ca gno.

F39 Newtonian Astrograph Reflector Telescope Mount. A study in contrasts this colorful skyscape features stars dust and glowing gas in the vicinity of NGC 6914. The complex of reflection nebulae lies some 6000 light-years away toward the high-flying northern constellation Cygnus and the plane of our Milky Way Galaxy.

View full resolution image. Astro-Physics StarFire 130EDT f835 Refractor Mount. Embedded Cygnus OB2 stars also provide the blue starlight.

Upload your image DSS Images Other Images Related articles. It contains revised coordinatescross-identifications of nebulae and. The view spans nearly 50 light-years at the estimated distance of NGC 6914.

Fits Liberator Deep Sky Stacker RegiStar Photoshop CS5E. NGC 6914 is a reflection nebula located at approximately 6000 light-years away in the constellation of Cygnus and was discovered by douard Stephan on August 29 1881. View profile Send private message Remove shadow-ban Share.

Together with the surrounding emission nebula they are cataloged as NGC 6914. Atik 11000 and 16IC EFW2 Astrodon Gen2 HaLRGB Paramount ME. Inverted monochrome Annotated Large size Full size User.

NGC 6910 is located half a degree east-north east of Gamma Cygni also known as SadrIt may be physically related with the nebula IC 1318 also known as the Gamma Cygni Nebula as it lies at a similar distance behind the galactic Great RiftCygnus OB9 is located within the Orion arm of the Milky WayCygnus OB9s dimensions in the sky are 25 degrees by 15 degrees which. NGC6914 is a vast beautiful nebula complex located in the center of Cygnus constellation and lies about 6000 light years from us. Dotted throughout the rest of the image the use of HaLRGB picks out many other blue and rare yellow refection nebulae and stars that together make for an exciting image.

NGC 6914 – Reflection Nebula. This region concentrates gaseous and dusty masses of the galactic plane where stars are born. The illuminating stars of the nebula belong to.

NGC 6914 a complex of emission and reflection clouds in Cygnus distance approximately 6000 light-years from Earth. Aug 08 2019 NGC 6914 is the blue reflection nebula with wonderful dark lanes swirling into the red emission nebula so dominant throughout the constellation Cygnus. Such is the.

Ultraviolet radiation from stars in the Cygnus OB2 association ionize the nebulas hydrogen. Ultraviolet radiation from stars in the Cygnus OB2 association ionize the nebulas hydrogen. Ngc 6914 lbn 274 lbn 080100266 lbn 080260254 u lbn 280 NGC 6914 yew cısm.

VdB32 which are conspicuously highlighted by associated bright blue nebulosity. NGC 6914 is a complex of emission and reflection clouds nearby to the IC 1318 region.

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